Vacation Vibes: Where We’ve been Enjoying Tropicália and Automatic this Summer

Summertime is the season to kick back, get outside, and enjoy the company of friends and family. Whether you’re keeping it low-key with a backyard get-together, taking a road trip, or going on an adventurous getaway, we think Tropicália and Automatic are the perfect way to bring the feeling of vacation to you.

One of our values here at Creature is ‘Crave Curiosity.’ We’re constantly inspired by art, music, travel, and creative discoveries throughout the world. With summer coming to a close soon, we wanted to share where folks have been enjoying Tropicália and Automatic as they explore places near and far!

Safety Manager Caitlin Wilson – #TropMoments in London and Paris with her fiancée Brooke
“My favorite experience in London was Westminster Abbey, which is in the background of the Big Ben picture. The history and the architecture were really beautiful and overwhelming. I really love history and architecture so just walking all over the city was so fun, and of course stopping in at every cool pub we saw to have a pint. 
My favorite experience in Paris was taking a river cruise on the Seine at sunset. We had great seats right on the bow of the boat and it was just really lovely seeing all the architecture and bridges down the river. After the cruise, we sat in the park at the Eiffel Tower and waited for it to light up and sparkle. Sitting in Paris looking up at the Eiffel Tower with the person you love rules, and don’t let anybody tell you differently!”

Hospitality Manager, Madeline Bates enjoys a #TropMoment in Greece celebrating her honeymoon with husband Alex
“My husband and I went on our honeymoon a year and a half after we got married, delayed due to the pandemic. We decided to go “Athens to Athens” from our hometown in Athens, Georgia to the Mediterranean city of Athens, Greece! This stellar view of the Parthenon from our apartment was a dream come true for us and the perfect backdrop for an epic #TropMoment. I’ll never forget it!”

Taproom Staff Member Adam Schreiber swims with the turtles in Santa Rosa Beach
“I saw a turtle about 30 yards out in the ocean and swam out with my 10-year-old niece and my dad. It was the longest my niece ever swam without a break. I kept my phone above water while treading water as it was too deep to stand. We waited a few minutes while following it, and the turtle surfaced! Very cool experience!”

Graphic Design Manager, Michael Beeson, takes in a beautiful lakeside view with his family
“Paddleboarding and kayaking on Lake Jocassee was an amazing experience! Being with my family on that lake with the mountains all around was epic, and being able to enjoy a refreshing Tropicália was pretty chill too!”

Marketing Director Dan Reingold and his wife, Monica, celebrate a Hawaiian honeymoon with Tropicalia and Automatic
“What better way to enjoy a vacation than by bringing some Creature Comforts along for the journey. Just north of Kona, my wife and I took a few extra moments drinking in the sunset with a Tropicália in hand. It’s a memory I will cherish forever and will appreciate and relive that memory every time I take a sip of Trop.”

We hope this brings you some inspiration for your own adventures. Share your travels with Tropicália and Automatic with us by tagging us on Instagram (@creaturecomfortsbeer)!