Just because you can’t do everything for everyone does not mean, of course, that you should do nothing for no one. What would it look like to do for somebody what you wish you could do for everybody? What would it look like for you, for us, for anyone, to take a step toward a neighbor in need? That is the heartbeat of Brew For One.


The Beginning

This program began in late 2017 with the tragic loss of one our beloved Creatures—Bob Weckback, who was at the time our Head Cellarman. We worked alongside Jesse Ferguson, Bob’s brother-in-law and co-founder of Brooklyn’s Interboro Spirits & Ales, to collaborate on a beer to honor Bob’s legacy of generosity. We eventually released the beer, aptly named Cellarman’s Spirit, and used the profits to seed a college fund for Bob’s son.

Since then, the Brew For One program has worked to identify a new recipient every year and meet some of their most pressing needs. We then brew a beer and put the profits to work.