We believe social media can provide an invaluable platform to foster human connection: a space to connect with our customers, share ideas, and grow an already vibrant, welcoming craft beer community. As such, our aspiration is to create engaging online forums that reflect the values of our brewery:

  • Crave Curiosity: A curious mind leads to better living.
  • Moderation Matters: In life as in beer, being balanced is best.
  • Be For People: Advocate for equity. Extend respect.
  • Extend Kindness: Start with trust. No gossip. Give grace.
  • Make It Better: Whether your work or your community, make it better. The best idea wins.
  • Leave a Legacy: Set up your successors for success.

To ensure a positive and inclusive social media presence, we’ve established the following guidelines.


Our Social Media Pages are for…

Connecting with the community

Our social media, and other online platforms, provide a space for our community to connect over a shared love for craft beer, local heroes, special events, sustainability, and community service. They are another means by which we seek to bring people together.


Similar to our beverages, our social media pages are an extension of our mission to foster human connection.

Civil discussion and debate

Followers of Creature Comforts’ social media and users of other online experiences are encouraged to engage in discussions about the brand that are authentic, healthy, respectful, factual, and topical.

Our Social Media Pages are not for…


Our social media is not intended to serve as a platform to promote or advance one’s viewpoint on just any topic. In other words, these spaces should not be used as a ‘soapbox.’ Opinions are encouraged so long as they are articulated in a way that is respectful, factual, and topical. We reserve the right to hide or remove any comments that are unrelated to a post.

Offending others

Language that is hurtful, defamatory, discriminatory, racist, sexist, offensive, obscene, inflammatory, unlawful, vulgar, or otherwise objectionable is not appropriate on Creature Comforts’ social media pages.

Individuals who violate these guidelines

Comments, links, photos, videos, or other content that violates the stated purposes and expectations of Creature’s social media communities will be removed at the discretion of Creature Comforts without advance notice, explanation, or discussion. Repeated instances of abuse will result in banning the user from the page or experience.

These guidelines are in place to foster a welcoming community where craft beer enthusiasts can connect and engage. Please help us uphold the integrity of our social media pages.

Contact [email protected] if you become aware of any content that violates these expectations, or if ever you have any questions. We would love to have a conversation.