We exist to foster human connection.


We hope to build an industry-respected craft brewery that helps people navigate the beautiful and complex world of beer.


Crave Curiosity
A curious mind leads to better living.

Moderation Matters
In life, as in beer, being balanced is best.

Be For People 
Be inclusive. Advocate for equity. Extend respect.

Extend Kindness
Start with trust. No gossip. Give grace.

Make It Better
Whether your work or your community, make it better. The best idea wins.

Leave a Legacy
Set up your successors for success.


At Creature Comforts, our purpose is to foster human connection. As individuals and as a company, this purpose compels us to cultivate a culture where all people feel welcome and where any person can thrive.

CCBC Code of Conduct

Our Action:

1. Do you have a code of conduct? Is it accessible for the public to view (if so, where can I find it)? 

Yes, our DE&I committee (we call this group All Creatures) recently reworked our Code of Conduct to ensure it best represents our values and promotes a more inclusive culture. The CCBC leadership team and our third-party HR consultants (Guardian HR) reviewed this revised Code of Conduct, and representatives from All Creatures presented it to the whole company at our monthly Town Hall meeting in September. It’s available on our website linked above.

2. What systems do you have in place for your staff and/or guests to report harassment and abuse? How can guests and employees access these resources?

Creature Comforts strives to provide everyone a safe space (workplace, environment, experience, or event) that is free of harassment of any kind, and we commit to the thorough investigation of any reported incidences of harassment or discrimination. In June, we updated our harassment policy and included a confidential harassment complaint form for our employees. Two months ago, we entered into contract with #notme, after learning about that resource from the Brewer’s Association. We have just completed the final phase of implementing this anonymous reporting tool and are planning to roll it out to our employees and guests next week.

3. Do you have policies governing your social media accounts that monitor social channels to protect against hateful and discriminatory commentary that contradicts your code of conduct?

At Creature Comforts, our purpose is to foster human connection. We desire that this purpose be realized across all our spaces, both in-person and virtual. As a company, we are committed to ensuring inclusivity and safety for all our employees, guests, fans, supporters, and detractors. As such, we will not tolerate harassment, bullying, discrimination, or retaliation of any form directed at any person. We, therefore, reserve the right to remove from any of our social media platforms comments or behaviors we believe to violate or call into question our Code of Ethics and Core Values.

4. Do you have a staff member whose role includes ensuring the physical safety of your staff as defined by your government’s labor laws? What systems are in place for staff to report unsafe or hazardous working conditions?

We have a Safety & Compliance Manager as a full-time position at Creature Comforts. Our Safety & Compliance Manager ensures that we are OSHA and FDA compliant and provides support to all our departments to guarantee a safe and healthy working environment. We utilize the Georgia Tech Department of Health & Safety’s OSHA program to self-audit our facilities, including measuring noise exposure and air quality for grain dust and CO2. Any member of our staff, regardless of department, can report safety concerns without fear of retribution or retaliation to our Safety Improvement Report accessible on our staff webpage. If your brewery is interested in implementing or improving a safety program, please reach out to our Safety & Compliance Manager, Caitlin Wilson, at [email protected].

5. What steps have you taken to make your brewery more inclusive for marginalized people, both consumers and employees, within the craft beer community? 

  • Created a committee dedicated to implementing DE&I initiatives and advocating for inclusive measures for our employees and guests/consumers. This group (All Creatures) includes employees spanning a range of departments throughout the company (Production, Quality Lab, Marketing, HR/Culture, Business Operations) and is inclusive of a variety of voices.   
  • Conducted an internal “council group” (comprised of our senior leadership team and members of the DE&I Committee, All Creatures) to establish the purpose, mission, and priorities for our company’s commitment to advancing DE&I.  
  • Revised our Code of Conduct and made that accessible for the public to view.  
  • Partnered with our local sexual assault center (The Cottage) and UGA RSVP (Responding to Sexual Violence Program) to offer Bystander Intervention Training to our Taproom Staff.  
  • Implemented a harassment policy and confidential harassment complaint form for our employees. For staff that would prefer to remain anonymous, we have an anonymous comment card that staff can use to submit any questions, comments, or concerns to alert our HR/Culture department. 
  • Audited and overhauled our hiring process to ensure fairness and consistency across candidate experiences.  
  • Formed a Community Advisory Group of community and industry leaders to provide counsel and support to our VP of Culture in his efforts to steer our DE&I work.  
  • Launched an internal “difficult dialogues” conversation series as part of our monthly company Townhalls, through which we’ve hosted panel discussions with industry leaders on the subjects of “Making Black History in Craft Beer” and “Women in Craft Beer.”  
  • Added a mandatory, ongoing DE&I training segment to our Quarterly Leadership Meeting, attended by all of our senior people managers.