Creature Feature: Halloween Candy Pairings

Halloween is right around the corner, and we’re so excited to once again be a part of Athens’ beloved tradition – The Wild Rumpus Parade and Spectacle – this weekend! To gear up for the weekend celebrations, we asked the folks in our Quality Lab for their expert recommendations on the best Halloween candy pairings with beers we currently have on tap and to-go at Snow Tire. Be sure to stay up to date with our onsite offerings by checking out the Taproom Page.

Classic City Lager + Gummy Worms

Good Cold Beer meets a confectionary classic! A perfect light and refreshing combination, the gummies bring forward Classic City Lager’s maltiness while the candy’s sweetness rounds out any bitterness.

Classic City Lager is available on tap and to-go in the Taproom, plus you can find it throughout our Georgia markets.

The Silent World + Peanut Butter Cups 

The peanut butter cups highlight the coffee and roasty notes in the beer. A nice balance of sweet and bitter, this pairing would be perfect to enjoy next to a cozy fire!

The Silent World is currently available to-go in the Taproom.

Athena Paradiso Blackberry and Black Currant + Red Fish Candy 

This combination brings a varied character across sips and bites. The candy’s flavors nicely complement Athena Paradiso’s berry notes, and its sweetness balances the acidity in the beer.

Athena Paradiso is available on draft and to-go throughout our Georgia markets and in our Taproom.

Everybody Weather + Orange Candies 

Wheat beer and citrus go hand in hand! The acidity from the candy perfectly balances the beer’s bitterness, and the combination of flavors makes for a bright and sunny paring.

Everybody Weather is currently available to-go from our Taproom only.

Athena + Sour Gummies 

This pairing offers a consistent tartness between the beer and gummies, so your palate isn’t overwhelmed by differing flavor profiles. Enjoy a variety of tangy, fruity flavors complemented by the Champagne of the South.

Athena is available on tap and to-go in the Taproom. You can also find it throughout our distribution footprint.

We hope you’ll join us in the Snow Tire Taproom for this weekend’s festivities! The pre-parade rally will kick off at the brewery starting at 5 PM, and you can hop in line in front of the brewery for the parade, which starts at 8 PM. Check out this weekend’s happenings on our Events Calendar and learn more about The Wild Rumpus at

Cheers and Happy Halloween!