Behind the Brew: Tritonia

Imagine the feeling of that first dip in the pool on a hot day. It’s exhilarating and relaxing all at once. Now that Tritonia is available year-round, you can recreate that feeling whenever you take a sip.

We’ve previously released Tritonia as a seasonal offering, and we’re thrilled to share that you no longer have to wait until the scorching summer months—you can now immerse yourself in refreshment any time of year.

If you’ve never tried this beloved beer before, here’s a little introduction: Tritonia is refreshing, gently tart, and brewed with cucumber, lime, sea salt, coriander, and our house blend of lactobacillus.

Did you know?

Tritonia is a Gose.

A Gose (pronounced GO-zuh) is a traditional German-style unfiltered wheat beer made with salt and coriander and typically has a tartness, similar to the Berliner Weisse style.

To put our own spin on the style, and to add an extra refreshing component, we brew Tritonia with cucumber and lime.

Our take on this classic German-style wheat beer pairs the cool freshness of cucumber with the crisp tartness of lime to create an incredibly refreshing experience.

Tritonia is kettle-soured.

Kettle souring is when we introduce lactobacillus in the brewhouse which produces lactic acid. This process gives the beer a refreshing crispness and tartness like our year-round Berliner Weisse, Athena.

The Gose’s ties to Athena, along with its sea salt component, inspired us to name the beer after the Greek goddess Athena’s pseudonym – Tritonia.

Athena holds this epithet as the foster daughter of Triton, the messenger of the sea, according to Pseudo-Apollodorus’s Bibliotheca

Tritonia is now available year-round from our taproom and Georgia markets! Look for it on draft and in cans at your local retailer or pay us a visit at the brewery.