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Wheeler’s Drum

5.6% ABV

Wheeler’s Drum is made with all North Carolina grown grains from Epiphany Malting and features protein grains like oats, wheat, and triticale to provide a rich mouthfeel and a beautiful roast quality. The aroma has bright grassy notes, followed by a rich nutty quality, and then finally deep espresso and chocolate. Much of the same is on the palate, but the presentation is a balance between caramel, burnt marshmallow, and bitter roast. This balance makes for a very drinkable beer with great depth. The name Wheeler’s Drum is a reference to Daniel Wheeler. Daniel Wheeler was a 19th century British inventor and engineer that created a revolutionary way to evenly roast malt in a drum roaster. It was because of this that the quality of roasted malts became much more consistent and with the new ability to achieve a nice even roast, the general smokiness associated with these malts historically up to that point was also alleviated. It was a revolutionary invention for all dark beers. We thank Mr. Wheeler and certainly owe this beer to him!