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Tritonia with mango, orange, and lime

4.5% ABV

Orange Fanta | Fruit Loops | Salted Mango | Beachy The Take Away: With its lime, orange, and mango in combination with salt and coriander, this beer presents like a Hawaiian punch or fruit punch Hi-C. The aroma is driven by the citrus notes that are rounded by the deeper mango and coriander pieces. The flavor is round and has range from high to low. Highs being lime and orange – bright and citrusy – which then flow into the mango flesh and fruit loops finish. Salt keeps the beer from coming across too sweet, and there’s a floral quality that expresses itself throughout the beer, adding a tameness to the fruit medley. All in all, this makes a fun and flavorful version of Tritonia that is very easy drinking. Adjuncts include: salt, coriander, mango, lime, orange