The Tree That Owns Itself (2021)

The Tree That Owns Itself (2021)

English-style Barleywine | 13.7% ABV

Release Date: December 17

A great English-style Barleywine is something to behold. They have a fruity, rich, decadent complexity and we love ours, The Tree That Owns Itself, for its command of these qualities.

We set out to achieve a sublime expression of malt flavors, using a traditional English barley base, all English ingredients, a long boil, and extended maturation in select small batch bourbon barrels. The Tree That Owns Itself matured for 23 months in Willet bourbon barrels resulting in a fruity, rich, decadent, and complex Barleywine at 13.7% ABV with caramel, molasses, toffee, and brown sugar notes. We named this beer as a tribute to an admired landmark in our community of Athens, Ga. The story goes that the tree's owner, desiring to protect it, deeded ownership of the tree and surrounding land to itself.

Limited Release Bottles
The Tree That Owns Itself (2021)


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