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Green Ghost

4.9% ABV

Green Ghost is a beautiful, very drinkable pilsner with balance, nuance, clean fermentation profile, supporting malt quality, and elegant bitterness. On the first whiffs, you get notes of the classic Czech pilsners. Grüngeist first brings a familiar Saaz heritage to the conversation with aromas of black pepper and floral notes, and then the Ghost emerges. There’s a sweetness to the aroma reminiscent of the sweet part of roasted carrots, then faint tangerine, subtle meyer lemon zest, and eventually you begin to realize that as you’ve traveled down this rabbit hole there has been a stage of cracker and hay all along. Cracker and light dough, some lemon zest highlights like you find in natural levin bread, pepper and grass bring you quite easliy to an extremely pleasant bitter finish. The bitterness remains known on your palate for a bit of time, however it more encourages you to take another sip rather than to put on the brakes.


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