River Ridge Red & the Curious. No. 12

Join us for the release of 2 very special beers from our wood cellar!

Celebrating the crop with River Ridge Red

River Ridge Red is an ale (6.6%) aged in oak barrels with organic red raspberries from Independence, VA’s River Ridge Organics.

This beer is a celebration of the crop from their farm. We selected the best blend of barrels to honor the complex flavor of the red raspberries featured in the beer. Once we blended beer onto the fresh raspberries, we performed punchdowns for two weeks, and then continued to macerate on the fruit for more than 6 months. The extended time allows the acids from the fruit to round out and mellow, leaving a soft and honest red raspberry flavor. As with all of our beers from our wood cellar, we have worked diligently to have a balanced acid profile that compliments the fruit River Ridge farms have worked so hard to grow.

Total production: 158 cases

River Ridge Red will be available in 500mL bottles from the tasting room on June 15th and is now available for pre-purchase on CraftCellr. The onsite limit is 6/guest at 17.99 per bottle.

Bottles are available for pre-sale here:

From the Curious Series: the Curious No. 12

We developed Curious 12 from our desire to create a beer that mimics red wine without the use of grapes. The beer was port barrel-aged and packaged still, supporting the red wine flavors present in the offering. Once River Ridge Black was finished conditioning on top of the fruit, we transferred some of the beer to a port barrel to age for 8 months. This additional aging was to encourage port flavors to round out the flavor profile of River Ridge Black and add depth and complexity via the oxidized flavors of port.

The Curious No. 12 is a part of our Curious Series in which we explore new techniques, flavors, and ingredients. The beer is 8.1% ABV and will be available in a limited amount of 500mL bottles from the tasting room on June 15th for onsite consumption only.