Mutualism Returns

We’re excited to announce the second release of our collaboration with Jester King Brewery, Mutualism, from the tasting room in Athens this Spring. The southern-style farmhouse lager will be available in 750-mL bottles on May 11.

Mutualism is dry, round, and defined with a 6-percent ABV. The base beer for Mutualism is a pilsner brewed using local wheat and grits from Georgia-based DaySpring Farms. The finished pilsner underwent a secondary fermentation with a blend of house-mixed cultures of yeast and bacteria from both our brewery as well as Jester King’s. The beer was then bottle conditioned for five months.

Our two breweries first released the collaborative brew in July 2016. We bonded over a strong admiration for beers that represent a time and place, which inspired the blending of the two house cultures as well as the use of local grits, a staple in Southern homes.

“We feel that this beer is a beautiful balance of our two breweries,” says Wood Cellar and Specialty Brand Manager Blake Tyers. “Our work together, and our house cultures working together created a mutually beneficial relationship revealed in the beauty of this beer.”

Our resident artist, Melissa Merrill, designed the label art for Mutualism. The label depicts both breweries’ logos as one cohesive unit, representative of the symbiotic qualities of the beer. Inspired by the collaborative brew, Merrill painted the original artwork for the label with a watercolor medium derived from the two breweries’ combined house-mixed cultures.