We will be releasing Existence – a bourbon barrel-­aged Imperial Stout later this month! This release will mark only the second time we have released an Imperial Stout from our wood cellar. The beer will be released as an extremely limited amount of 750mL bottles at thebrewery only.

The base beer for Existence was brewed shortly after we opened our doors back in April 2014. The brew was designed to age and develop over time into the refined and well-­‐balanced Imperial Stout that is now Existence.

After 19 months of aging in Willet bourbon barrels, the beer is ready for release, coming in at 11.8% abv. Existence is an intense yet balanced Imperial Stout with a strong structure and viscous body (some of you may have even gotten to try it at our 2 Year Anniversary Tour!) The beer features notes of oak, vanilla, dark chocolate, subtle cherry and bourbon. 

“Immediately after our opening weekend, we brewed the base stout that now – after 19 months in Willet bourbon barrels – has become Existence,” said Wood Cellar and Specialty Brand Manager, Blake Tyers. “Time is a gift that we appreciate in our wood cellar, and Existence is a prime example of what time can bring.”

This limited run offering will be available through a ticketed release tour on May 21 onsite in our Tasting Room from 7-10pm. The tour vouchers will be available on Xorbia on May 13th at 1pm. We will be sure to post the link here when it’s ready!