The Curious No. 6

We are excited to release the sixth brew from The Curious Series on April 30! The base beer of The Curious No. 6 is a mixed culture, tart blonde ale that was fermented in wine barrels. In addition to aging in wine barrels, the beer underwent a secondary fermentation on Georgia peaches.

We collaborated with Pearson Farm in order to source the peaches for the brew. Located in Fort Valley, GA, the family-­‐owned Pearson Farm is known for growing its local peaches for more than 100 years. Elberta is the peach variety that was used in The Curious No. 6. The Elberta variety is an heirloom peach exclusively grown by Pearson Farm for commercial use.

“Pearson Farm, Georgia’s first peach farm, is proud to collaborate with Creature Comforts on Georgia’s first Elberta peach beer,” said John Short, Georgia Proud Provisions. “After five generations of growing, we hope this is the beginning of an equally peachy tradition.”

The Curious No. 6 comes in at 7%abv and was bottle conditioned for several months to a soft carbonation in order to bring out the subtle notes and complexity of the beer. The beautiful aroma of the brew, coming from the addition of the Elberta peaches, melds perfectly with the delicate and balanced flavor and acidity, allowing for a unique sensory experience.

The Curious Series is our limited bottle release series that we utilize to explore new techniques, flavors, and ingredients.  We hope you can make it to the release!