Mixed culture, tart blonde ale aged in wine barrels

Emergence is a balanced, mixed culture, tart blonde ale fermented in wine barrels for a full year. This limited release beer has an ABV of 6.2 percent and is our second barrel-aged, brettanomyces beer to be released in  2016.

Emergence is a beer that we have created to showcase the beauty of wine flavors and nuances of oak fermentation that can be developed in a beer when using fresh barrels.

“This is the beer we plan to make again when we get new, freshly emptied wine barrels,” said Wood Cellar and Specialty Brand Manager, Blake Tyers. “As a result of using fresh barrels every time, Emergence will never be the exact same beer twice, and we are extremely proud of the 2015 vintage.”

In addition to the extended aging, the beer was bottle conditioned to a soft carbonation for several months to bring out the subtle notes and complexity of this beer. Emergence presents a beautifully complex aroma of deep funk and stone fruit character. The beer’s palate delivers a medium acidity along with gentle wine notes from the barrels.

“This beer is one of Creature Comforts’ proudest accomplishments,” said Co-­‐Founder and Brewmaster Adam Beauchamp. “The name evokes the philosophical meaning of the word, which implies that greatly complex things can arise from seemingly simple reductive parts. In other words – much arises from little.”

Be sure to visit our event page to learn more about the release of Emergence at the brewery here: 

Emergence will be available onsite at the brewery only.