Oh, Fantastic Then! & our first use of a South African hop varietal

Join us for a date TBD for the onsite release** of Oh, Fantastic Then! (5.6%) a Pale Ale made with hard to find Southern Passion hops, along with Azacca & Mosaic!

Tasting notes from the brewer:
Oh, Fantastic Then! is a fun journey into a world of interesting hop flavors. We used a brand new hop to us in this one, Southern Passion, hailing from South Africa – marking the first hop we’ve used from this country and the continent of Africa! Southern hemisphere hops found in New Zealand and Australia tend to have interesting fruit flavors not found in hops grown anywhere else in the world, and Southern Passion interestingly falls right in line. This is an assertively hopped pale ale, but the beer remains very drinkable. From the first sniff there’s a whirlwind of green mango, citrus zest, strawberry, melon, and pine. All of these continue onto the palate. It’s like there’s an underlying bass line of pine that resides as these weird and interesting fruit flavors carry the melody. In addition to the same fruits from the nose, there’s also a slight floral note in the background and an orange oil like quality to the citrus that pops up in the middle before an earth and mineral finish. Just enough cracker comes through, from a simple malt bill, which really balances out this soft crusher of a pale. 

**This is a brewery only release.

Stay tuned for:
A New Zealand hops-inspired pale ale!