It’s Official – CCBC has all Cicerone Certified Beer Servers

We are ecstatic to announce that all of the tour staff that you meet when you come to CCBC for a tour are now officially Certified Beer Servers through the Cicerone program. For those that do not know, the Cicerone certifications, are the closest thing the beer industry has to the Sommelier certifications that you may be familiar within the Wine Industry. This wasn’t an overnight miracle, it is something they have been working on for several weeks / months. This certification is a culmination of attending voluntary “Beer School” training on their own time every other Monday for 2 hour sessions, working on their own, studying hard, researching, asking many questions, and pushing themselves past a range of knowledge that many of them probably thought beer could be just a short time ago. As a result, their vision spreads much further into the distance, and we will continue education around the brewery, curiously sharing our love of discovering the endless world of beer. Today we are enormously proud. 

So why put so much energy and honestly money, into making sure this happens? Well, from the very first talks about our tasting room, before we even broke ground, we specifically identified some key elements that needed to be a part of the tasting room experience at Creature Comforts. We hope it is obvious that for us beer is more than just a beverage in your glass. We believe it is a integral part of community and fellowship, it is our art and passion, and it is the beautiful past time that has continually been a part of humanity. We wanted to curate an environment that reflected these ideals so when people visit us, people experience not only our beer but also our vision. 

We’ve mentioned before that we operate through guidance from key pillars we’ve established as a company, and our tour staff family is an extremely important embodiment of our pillars. We love them and just like anything you love, we wanted to invest in them. We continually push our staff and train them. We want them to be beer educators; beacons of knowledge to the curious around us. We want them to be a staff that knows how to pour a beer with the highest quality, serve with professionalism, and educate the community about the vastness of beer. In fact, three of our six pillars; Community, Professional, Quality; specifically drive these ideas and dictate that we must have the best staff possible . . . and we do.

Please join us in congratulating all of our tour staff on their hard work and dedication to making CCBC a brewery that is simply put, all about the beer. When you come visit us, please feel free to join us in this journey of beer discovery. We love talking about it and would love to hear your thoughts.