Getting comfy in Asheville – Day 2

After the epic first day in Asheville, you can imagine we needed some good fuel and help to get us back on our feet. The word on the street was that we needed to check out Early Girl Eatery, and that word was right. Delicious, local counter culture coffee filled our mugs and an amazing, homestyle southern breakfast filled our plates. After a little walk around town, it was time to get back to business: beer.

Appalachain Vitners is a really cool store just a short drive from downtown. We took a leisurely afternoon, perusing the wonderfully cultivated beer selection while drinking great Allagash brett beers and Olde Hickory’s 2012 Event Horizon on draft. The couches and comfortable vibe kept us there for a nice afternoon before we made our way back into town and hit a few more breweries.

Day one was all about the in’s and out’s of the breweries; on day 2 we played tourists and just went for some beers at Burial Brewing and Oyster Brewing. Burial was a neat little operation that is getting off the ground with a lot of man power and hard work. We tried some hoppy draft offerings and a petite saison that were quite nice. It was pretty cool to see the locally sourced floor malted grains being used from Riverbend Malt House at Burial. They’re offering some nice beers and it will be exciting to see where they go in the future.  Oyster Brewing company had a wonderful oyster stout. Full bodied and full flavored at only 4.5%, it was nice to taste a well crafted sessionable offering.

The cap of the night however was dinner. When you ask a bunch of chef friends where to go, listen to what they have to say. Our friends pointed us in the direction of The Admiral and it was perfect. Part dive, part fine dining, the food and cocktails were exquisite. The chef was a gracious host and prepared some fantastic dishes for us in addition to our orders and we were blown away. One of the best restaurants anywhere, regardless of just in Asheville, it’s a do-not-miss if you find yourself in town.

All in all, Asheville was a great town and a wonderful stop on the way to inspecting our new equipment. We hope to do our part in cultivating a city similar to Asheville in Athens. Athens is a city we love, we’re proud of, and one we can’t wait to help make even better. There’s a lot in store for this wonderful town we’ve decided to call home once again and Creature Comforts is just a small piece. Cheers to the future of the Classic City and all we’re going to do together.