The most comfortable blog in town

In anticipation of the Creature Comforts launch, and to just make sure we’re all on the same page, we created this blog so we can keep you guys in the loop because let’s face it, nobody likes being left out of the loop. You may have heard rumors or whispers trickling down the grapevine but these sources will no longer serve you. We’re here now serving up the freshest info around, helping fluff that proverbial information pillow, so get comfortable people.

We know this blog may not be the shiniest new kid on the block but we wanted to get some information coming to you guys sooner rather than later. We’ll have a sweet debut of our official logo, can designs, website, etc. in the coming weeks but until then, check in here for photos and words of the latest.

To say we’re excited right now is an understatement. Simply put, we cannot wait to serve you. One of the most rewarding things about making beer is being able to serve your friends. At the end of a long day, in times of joy, or just when you want to relax; it’s all about making it comfortable for you guys and putting some smiles on faces and happy feelings in your belly. We’ve been working extremely hard to get the Creature ready. Friends, it’s time for you to get ready, because the Creature is coming.