The Cellar Specialist supports CCBC in helping people navigate the beautiful & complex world of beer by executing at a high level of quality and contributing to a culture of safety as part of the Southern Mill Cellar Team.


  1. Developing foundational knowledge of key cellar tasks:
    • Gravities, tank actions, crash times.
      • Recording brand data and tank status.
      • Pulling sample from FV.
      • Prepping sample for Anton Parr 4500.
      • Verifying stability.
      • Prepping and clearing VDK samples.
      • Changing temp on glycol control panel for tank actions/crashing beers
    • Carbing and releasing beers for packaging.
      • Performing carbonation readings with IDGM.
      • Recording carbonation readings on tank hanger
    • DH, fruit and adjunct additions.
      • Selecting correct hop type, varietal, and weight for DH additions.
      • Purging hop cannon.
      • Breakdown of hop cannon post DH.
      • Purging recirc pump.
      • Setting up recirc and documenting recirc start and end times.
      • Understanding of sanitary fruit addition.
      • Recording all raw ingredients into data app
    • Yeast handling
      • Harvesting into kegs/brink.
      • Taking sample for quality analysis.
      • Weighing kegs and label appropriately.
      • Performing yeast entry in app.
      • Updating white board with yeast info
      • CIP, CIP skid, chemicals and titrations
        • Set up and break down of all vessels.
        • Understanding of all CIP cycles and SOP’s.
        • Understanding of chemicals and titrations.
        • Filling out tank hanger and white board to record CIP status
  1. Commitment & Contribution to Culture:
    • Culture of Safety: a commitment to a culture of safety.
      • Safety Policies: must be competent through the completion of safety training and adherence to all policies in the CCBC Safety Guide, must advocate a culture of safety by following safety policies and encouraging his peers to remain complaint with CCBC safety policies.
      • Good Manufacturing Practices: knowledgeable of and practices GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices). Preventive Maintenance (PM)
      • Preventive Maintenance: performs PMs as needed.
    • Culture of Self-Development & Leadership:
      • Leadership Training: Participates in and completes leadership development training assigned by the team’s manager.
      • Leadership Development: They must build and maintain proficiencies in using the CCBC’s leadership program tools, concepts, & vocabulary.
  1. Skills & Competency Development:
    • Learn, understand, and maintain quality cellar initiatives.
    • Learn and maintain competency in safety policies, procedures, & regulations.
    • Explore, connect, & learn about the Craft Beer Industry.
    • Attend and learn about quality in craft beer through sensory class.
    • Develop technical aptitude on CCBC equipment.
  2. Task Excellence & Efficiency:
    • Must be able to work a later shift, if needed (2:00- 10:00 pm).
    • Perform at a level of excellence with a focus on timeliness and process efficiency.
    • Must establish and maintain a basic understanding of timely communication tools such as e-mail & the company communication application, Slack.
    • The Cellar Specialist must maintain a flexible mindset during production changes, whether the changes are foreseen or made with short notice.
    • Report to their shift on time and follow company clock-punch policies & procedures.


  • Technical Aptitude- the ability to learn quickly on specialized equipment & technical processes.
  • Solutions-Oriented Positivity- maintains & promotes a positive outlook while seeking out the best solutions.
  • Teamwork – reaches out to peers and cooperates with supervisors to establish an overall collaborative working relationship.
  • Resilient & Adaptable: The ability to demonstrate support for innovation and for organizational changes needed to improve the organization’s effectiveness; initiating, sponsoring, and implementing organizational change; helping others to successfully manage organizational change.
  • Attention to Detail – Does not let important details slip through the cracks or derail a project.
  • Commitment to Quality & Excellence– Expects personal performance, team performance, and product quality to be nothing short of the best.


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