Reclaimed Rye Cans

We’re thrilled to announce that we will package our year-round rye amber ale aged on French oak, Reclaimed Rye, in cans for the first time this February. Reclaimed Rye will join Tropicália (IPA), Athena (Berliner Weisse), and Bibo (Pilsner) as the fourth year-round offering to be made available in cans.

Reclaimed Rye (5.5%) is a uniquely complex and full-flavored amber ale that we age on French oak. Our French oak aging process combined with malted and flaked rye delivers a well-rounded body, with notes of toasted bread, spice, and subtle vanilla. 

“We have wanted Reclaimed Rye in cans for three years,” says our Co-founder and CEO Chris Herron. “It is a favorite beer around the brewery and in the market, but capacity constraints have kept it as a draft only offering. With our capacity increase coming from our new brewery, the wait is finally over and cans of Reclaimed Rye will finally be a real thing!”

The beer was named with our brewers’ intentions in mind of shedding new light on the amber style reclaiming it back from the ordinary. In addition, the name is a nod to the wood that was reclaimed to make up the bars, picnic tables and paneled walls in the brewery. Local woodworkers, Oneta, designed and built the reclaimed wood additions that adorn our Tasting Room.